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We assist clients in finding their dream home to buy or rent, as well as organizing sales of properties and all the complexities and legalities involved. First and foremost,we will meet with you to fully understand your particular requirements, preferences and budget, after which the search begins!

Our job is not complete on finding your ideal ‘Dream home,’ as we will assist in all legalities including ensuring that the transaction betweenproperty owners and buyers, or owners and tenants runs smoothly – through to the final handover.

We will be on stand-by at all times during the transaction, in addition to providing a service for referrals thereafter. You can rest assure that we will support and advice you every step of the way. First time buyers can relax in the knowledge that we a dedicated, reliable and consistent property agency, and experienced executives with busy schedules will be delighted in the knowledge that their property needs, legalities and transaction are being dealt with by an experienced and effective team.


We have a wide range of beautiful and comfortable holiday homes to choose from to suityour vacation type. Whether it’s a beach house with all services, a stunning country homefacing Mount Kenya or a group of villas along the coast, we have them all. Our holiday homesdepartment will co-ordinate your entire holiday right from the start, by helping you choose your ideal home from home, to your ‘check-out,’ and everything in between. Our holiday homes will take your breath away.


This department ensures that your block of apartments,luxury town houses, or exclusiveoffice blocks etc are managedto perfection! A highly trained and qualified team ensurethat all the services providedrun efficiently. Aftera thorough analysis of aproperty, suggestions will begiven with various options to suityour budget. We currentlymanage well over 240 estate properties.


Moving to another country for a long period can be an over-whelming experience, Karengata

has a very friendly and experienced team that will ensure the transition will be smooth from

one home to another. We have an orientation program that will help you identify the right

home, right schools for your children, in addition to providing advise on safety and security, help on choosing domestic staff for your new home, introducing you to local grocery store owners – as well as takeyou to lovely restaurants, libraries etc.

Once more, this is done once again after understanding your requirements and lifestyle.


Leave it to us ensure you get thatbank loan by using your propertyas collateral, through a thoroughand accurate valuation. We, along with highly experiencedassociates have the capacity to conduct valuations of all sorts; fromresidential, commercial, educational

institutions, hotels to farming equipment, machinery, and more.


Over the years we have builta relationship with very wellestablished and highly experienced

professionals in the financing and property development industry.

As a result, we are in a position to ensure you get finance throughbank loans or equity for all sortsof property development projects.KPM also has the capacity to efficiently orchestrate residential Studies and research, that play an integralrole in relation to the viability of a real

estate project. Its success dependsentirely on the accuracy of theanalysis. KPM provides this serviceas well project financing, feasibility studies and market research, valuations for propertymaturity, or commercial property development right from the conception stage, design, approvals,off plan sales, ground breaking, and everything in between – right upto the handover. We can then supplyproperty management services to maintain your security and ease.


Studies and research play an integral role in relation to the viability of a realestate project. Its success dependsentirely on the accuracy of theanalysis and KPM also provides this service at the highest professional level.

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